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{April 13, 2014}   a spring treat!

hey so yes, i broke my promise again, but i did also say that i’d post from time to time.. didn’t i?  i don’t know..

anyway, i have a treat for you today!  i was feeling half-dead on the couch fighting off germs that sat in my home waiting for me to come home from san francisco. they were armed and ready to invade.  and that they did.. (san francisco was awesome by the way. i totally understand a song that left it’s heart in San Francisco now… i can’t wait to go back there and find mine)

my husband nathan says to me, oh! the waxwings are back!  well in our backyard is a crab apple tree. the apples don’t grow to a good crab apple size thru the summer for some reason, so we just call them berries.  so the waxwings like to come in the spring and knock them all out of the tree. i honestly don’t believe for a second they actually eat them. the proof in that is the pile of “berries” left on our lawn when the snow melts. they just like to make a mess and move on, and they keep coming back until the job is done!

i peeled myself off the couch and got my camera all set up with my favorite pretty zoom lens that i love so much and put on my warmest winter jacket, even though, while stepping off the plane upon arriving back in saskatoon from california, i swore i would not wear a winter coat again until fall… but hey, i was sick, and this was important.  i quietly stepped out the back door, propped myself comfortably up against the brick wall of my house, and assumed the position.  i took about 45 pictures in a matter of 20 seconds, but you can’t dilly dally when dealing with these birds who get spooked so easily!

there was this one bird though, he stuck around and was the last guy to leave.. i guess he had a job to do, and didn’t want to leave it unfinished. i caught him red..headed? picking one last “berry” off the branch before taking off for the day.

…..maybe he just liked having his picture taken.. maybe he is a she.. i don’t know how to tell the difference.. but all that doesn’t matter to me really..  anyway, enjoy 🙂  (you can click on the picture to see a bigger version of it!)  The “in-flight” one I wasn’t really ready for, but had to say farewell in this post somehow!

PS.. don’t you just love their little mohawks?!  ❤

IMG_3199 IMG_3201 IMG_3207 IMG_3224






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