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{January 4, 2014}   365-2014 Day 1

365-2014 Day 1

Well sorry about that folks, I came down with a serious cold, sore throat, weak in the knees kind of virus that kept me from caring about anything else but bed. But today I’m feeling much better, and NOW I will start my challenge but first you must know this year will be a little different..

I will be doing selfies, but in a different way. This year I will be posting something that I am grateful for every single day. My goal is not only to take a picture every day, but to also realize something to be grateful for in my life every day. So, here is my day one.

This is more than my dog. I love Oakley too, but Spy has done more for me than be our pet. More that I care to share in this post, but personal things in my life from the first day we brought him home, were made better just by the way he’s loved me, and been by my side when I needed him most.

I grateful for him in my life and that he enjoys such little things in life, like this poor toy he got on January 1, and mutilated in under 6 minutes.


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