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{March 10, 2013}   52 Week Challenge – Week 9

Week 9 is the start of 5 weeks of Off-Camera Flash projects. Here is my first, just a quickie! It’s my android collection ๐Ÿ™‚52 WEek Challenge - Week 9


{March 10, 2013}   52 Week Challenge – Week 8

One of the fish in our tank. I don’t think my settings were ideal for the tank, but It still kinda worked…I will be playing with this more in the future, to get it right I know it.
52 Week Challenge - Week 8

{March 1, 2013}   52 Week Challenge – Week 7

I’m so sorry Im so behind.. I’m catching up this week I promise! I took this oneย  with my cell phone.. but it’s all I had at our favorite Japanese restaurant..it’s one of those places that they cook the food right in front of you.. Our chef is preparing our vegetables here. It was delicious, as usual ๐Ÿ™‚52 Week Challenge - Week 7

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