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{January 6, 2013}   The End is Near…

Hey followers..

Thank you so much for following me this year! It was so fun to do, and I can’t believe I made it!  But with only 5 more posts left in this 365 Day Challenge, you’re probably all wondering what I will do next! Stop? noooo, I don’t think I could do that!

Truth is, there is another 365 day challenge starting right now! Same idea as the past year.. but I don’t think I could possibly push out another 365 pictures of myself so soon. So I’m going to participate in a 52 week challenge this year. Each month we have themes to follow and must post a photo by the end of the week that has to do with the theme of the month. I will post my image of the week to the forum, as well as this blog.

So there won’t be a photo every day, and I won’t be in them, (well, maybe the odd one you’ll see me!) but I do need some kind of a break this year!  I hope you enjoy the weekly photo that I put up. I appreciate and enjoy all your comments, so feel free to leave one!

Erin 🙂


Jen says:

I am so sad that this coming to an end! I look forward to your once a month photo though and of course if I need more of a fix I’ll head over to your website! Thanks for a year of amazing and creative pictures Erin!

Empixx says:

Thanks Jen 🙂
The new year is once a week! not once a month.. just the theme changes each month, but I have to post 4-5 pictures a month. You might get some extra’s in between too though 😉

Ah, that’s too bad..lol I get your email everday in my inbox notifying me of your new post for the day and most of the times the small photo in the email isn’t enough and I have to click on it to see it bigger in your blog. You are so creative in your ideas everyday and there are some that have just amazed me at what you can do! Did your year not start on January 1st? I always wondered why your days were off from mine on my 365 posts.

Empixx says:

I had the option to start anywhere between Jan 1 and 31. I started on the 10th.

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