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{January 29, 2013}   52 Week Challenge – Week 4

Sorry guys, I was pretty sick, and completely forgot to come and post this!!
Tons of these little guys hang out in our yard all winter long. So, I shot one!   ..you know what I mean 😉

This concludes “Compositional Rules” month 🙂

52 Week Challenge - Week 4


{January 20, 2013}   52 Week Challenge – Week 3

OKay, I admit, I took this picture in the summer, but I thought it would be perfect for compositional rules month, (symmetry) and I kinda wanted to show it off! This is my photo of the week for week 3. It won 2nd place in a local photo competition as well. I thought you all might enjoy it. 🙂


{January 13, 2013}   52 Week Challenge – Week 2

We had a few warm days here so the river wasn’t so icy.. but now we’re back in the deep freeze, so it was a foggy morning under the train bridge..

Week 2

{January 12, 2013}   52 Week Challenge – Week 1

The castle on the frozen river!

52 Week Challenge - Week 1

{January 9, 2013}   365 Day Challenge BONUS DAY!

yep, Day 366.. It was a leap year remember!!

So, for reals,  my final image, day 366.  It’s a compilation of all my 365 days.. which was made possible by all of you, who kept me going, and helped me push for my goal to finish this!! I’d be game for this big challenge again, but maybe not this year.. maybe 2014, but of course it’s not the end, I am totally pumped for the 52 week challenge that I’m already working on! Stay tuned!  I’ll post last weeks picture for you tomorrow 🙂

Day 366 - January 9, 2013

{January 9, 2013}   365 Day Challenge – Day 365

Well, despite the horrendous look on my face, which I guess I couldn’t help, I really did enjoy shooting this image! lol!! This is to show my excitement of making it to day 365, but its also hiding the sadness that I kinda feel about not having to take any more! What on earth will I do tomorrow with no photo’s to take!

Day 365 - January 8, 2013

{January 8, 2013}   365 Day Challenge – Day 364

Day 364….says my Banana Nut Cheerios!

Day 364 - January 7, 2013

{January 7, 2013}   365 Day Challenge – Day 363

Tip of a ballpoint pen.  I’m in there, super tiny, but I’m there!

Day 363 - January 6, 2013

{January 6, 2013}   365 Day Challenge – Day 362

I think I’m going to keep this one in a small frame in the bedroom. 🙂

Day 362 - January 5, 2013

{January 6, 2013}   The End is Near…

Hey followers..

Thank you so much for following me this year! It was so fun to do, and I can’t believe I made it!  But with only 5 more posts left in this 365 Day Challenge, you’re probably all wondering what I will do next! Stop? noooo, I don’t think I could do that!

Truth is, there is another 365 day challenge starting right now! Same idea as the past year.. but I don’t think I could possibly push out another 365 pictures of myself so soon. So I’m going to participate in a 52 week challenge this year. Each month we have themes to follow and must post a photo by the end of the week that has to do with the theme of the month. I will post my image of the week to the forum, as well as this blog.

So there won’t be a photo every day, and I won’t be in them, (well, maybe the odd one you’ll see me!) but I do need some kind of a break this year!  I hope you enjoy the weekly photo that I put up. I appreciate and enjoy all your comments, so feel free to leave one!

Erin 🙂

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