Empixx 365

{November 29, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 325

Stayed home from work, and spent most of my day like this. Daytime tv is really boring, and I was really not up for doing anything.. so if I wasn’t sleeping, or sneezing.. this is what I did. :/


{November 28, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 324

I am one UGLY sneezer….

omg, okay, so I have caught a cold… and couldn’t stop sneezing today, so I figured, if you can’t beat it…. catch it!  Here is a “mid-sneeze” for the POTD… Had no idea it would almost kill me.. I laughed so hard for almost an hour.. I couldn’t even edit it because I just broke out in such hard laughter that I couldn’t breathe, and had tears running down my cheeks.. maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s the drugs I loaded up on to fix me up.. but man.. I’m one ugly sneezer!

{November 28, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 323

Cozied up on the couch with the two best doggies evAr!

{November 27, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 322

Just a shadow on the wall today..

{November 26, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 321

..yep, that’s my butt-print.

{November 25, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 320

I am pretty excited about this picture.. I think it’s my favorite one 🙂

{November 24, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 319

Took me all morning to get this to finally focus how I wanted it to… sure it’s easy to do on someone else, but on yourself? …not so much.

{November 23, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 318

Curling up with a warm cup of my favorite “Alpine Punch” tea from David’s Tea. It’s soooo good on a chilly wintery day like today.

{November 22, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 317

So, I bought myself a new winter workout. Spinning!  Anyone ever taken a spin class? it’s soooo much fun!   Please mind the mess in the background, it’s in the garage haha!

{November 20, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 316

So, in light of my birthday yesterday, my Grandma sent me an email, with a photo attached. I opened it up, and this is pretty much what I looked at.. A picture of 2-year old chubby me, (who is clearly unhappy with the outfit she has on!) next to the reflection of the current me in the monitor.. I thought it was cool – Fate gave me a “then and now” look at myself… The picture isn’t the greatest, but it’s the best I could get with both of us in the photo!

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