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{October 11, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 275

I’m not in Kelowna anymore, but I found all these pictures I took as potential POTD images, but forgot about.. My heart is still in Kelowna, so here’s one more 🙂

This is me and my hubby on lake Okanagan.. sooo nice, even though it’s not summer anymore..

{October 9, 2012}   365 day Challenge – Day 274

Pandora FINALLY made a camera charm!! I’ve only been asking for one since 2009!  🙂

{October 8, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 273

So, I guess I might be a bit of a daredevil, but this time I got a little too close to the edge!

{October 7, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 272

Last day in Kelowna today, so had one last look from above!  It was so great here, wish I could stay, but I have puppies to get home to!

{October 6, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 271

Went up into the trestles today…had some fun. Glad I remembered to bring my remote on vacation with me…

{October 5, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 270

Phew!  Had a big day today!!

{October 5, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 269

I love this wall. I wanted to take this wall home with me. But I don’t think the airline will let me. 🙂

{October 3, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 268

Space Needle day!  among other things we visited..

{October 2, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 267

What a packed day we had today! Didn’t get to try the big wheel out, but maybe tomorrow!

{October 1, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 266

Sitting by a quiet creek in Kelowna, thinking about what my next, and final 100 days of this challenge will bring!

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