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{August 11, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – explained!

For anyone just joining my blog, this is my 365 day challenge I’m participating in with many other photographers around the globe! The rules are simple, I have to post one photo every day, I have to be in it somehow, and I have to be the one who took the picture! WHEN I make it to the finish line, the other finishers from the group and I will all get a special reward, and some other possible prizes! Thanks for following me! The more support I have, the more I am urged to keep going!

{August 11, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 215

Went down to one of our many summer festivals today, and decided to do a shot of our downtown.. It’s not the best angle, but I’ve got 150 more chances to show you some good ones! This is the Broadway Bridge, heading towards downtown 🙂  (was impressed that my remote worked from that far away!)

{August 10, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 214

Just out walking in the park

{August 9, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 213

Coke Float in my lens mug.. I’ve tricked so many people with that mug.. ironically, this photo was taken with the same lens that I’m drinking out of!

{August 8, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 212

More fun with photoshop…Should I be worried that my hubby couldn’t tell at first what I had done to this picture?  😉

{August 7, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 211

I nearly died!!  I have entered images in the annual Saskatoon Exhibition photo competition every year, and have gotten honorable mentions, 1-2nd place and 1-3rd place, but this time, was the first time I finally saw the bright red 1st place ribbon next to my image!! And then, I walked over to my other two entries, and found a 2nd place AND a third place too!!! I couldn’t even concentrate after that!! YAY!! What a super day!

{August 6, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 210

We got in the car and drove! We ended up at this little ghost town, and omg I had a blast!!  There was an old general store, two houses, a hall, and the grain elevator was still there!  I’ll post some on facebook in the near future if you’d like to see more.. But for now, this is me at the general store!

{August 6, 2012}   365 Day Challeng – Day 209

Took yesterday’s photo a little late, so here’s yesterday’s picture, I’m with my doggy niece, but don’t tell my dogs, they’d be super jealous!

{August 4, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 208

I finally saw the right cloud a the right time!  Been planning this one for a while 🙂

{August 3, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 207

Just winding down the day with one of my favorite pass-time iPad games – “Draw Something” 🙂  This is my drawing of an anthill!

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