Empixx 365

I spent the weekend in Moose Jaw, SK for my cousins wedding, so I didn’t get to post yesterday, but I DID get my picture with Mac the Moose, the worlds largest Moose!   Then on our way home today, we stopped at this bright red barn in the middle of a bright yellow canola field.. I loved the contrast, but didn’t quite get the pose I wanted! This picture would look better without me in it I think haha.

This Dahlia is called the “O Canada”! It even came with that little flag I held on my July 1 photo haha!  I thought they were kinda neat. Today I noticed this first one finally bloomed!

Bubbles never workout when you need them to, but finally, on try #895 (it seemed) I got a good bubble! To me, this image just screams, it’s Summertime!!

Happy Independence Day! In honor of this holiday, I bought something made in the USA… because… I needed a portable iMac?   8)

I’m just a ghost in the woods..

Grabbed some firewood from the pile to cook up some breakfast this morning..  It was a fun lake weekend!

Happy Canada Day!  It rained most of the day, which sucked for the lake, but it stopped for about an hour, so I took advantage of it and did my picture!

Though I couldn’t get the angle I wanted on this, our first night at the lake was still b-e-a-utiful!

et cetera