Empixx 365

My husband thinks this is scary. He said it reminds him of the girl in that movie “The Ring”  lol

Such a beautiful day… Can you guess what I’m thinking about? 😛


Car Ride!!








I was extremely bored in a meeting.. and I had a black pen.. I prefer blue, I hate writing in black… and it was a gloomy day.. and I was a little stressed.. so this is what happens with that whole combination…Doodles on the Agenda!! (taken with HTC Desire HD)

I don’t really know what to say about this picture.. maybe it will become my new facebook profile? I dunno.. I kinda like it though! 🙂

Just havin some fun.. I didn’t really ride my bike like this, but had to break out the boots and socks one more time!

Here’s my new little buddy, all the way from Japan. I’m giving him a short tour of the yard 🙂

Was driving around scoping out areas for some family pictures, but saw this and thought it would be cool for me..

Did a shoot out in the small town of Maymont, SK.. stopped on my way home for a quick photo of the day! Some different scenery.

et cetera