Empixx 365

Today my inspiration came from the love I have for my favorite pair of springtime shoes!  My “Jemini’s” as I call them.. I’ve had them for 6 years!  Can’t part with them!

Gave myself a hug today.. I needed one, but there was nobody else around! :)

So today, I can’t take all the credit for this image, I saw the idea somewhere, and thought it was quite clever, so I did my own version of what I saw. It’s not the exact same shot, but same idea, my way!


Took this by accident, but I thought it was kinda cool.. So I went with it for today!

Lil’ me went for a big adventure in the backyard today..

Wo0ps!  Totally forgot to post this one yesterday! Todays will be out soon!

{May 5, 2012}   Refresher post!

For anyone just joining my blog, this is my 365 day challenge I’m participating in with many other photographers around the globe! The rules are simple, I have to post one photo every day, I have to be in it somehow, and I have to be the one who took the picture! WHEN I make it to the finish line, the others from the group that I meet there and I will all get a special reward, and some other possible prizes! Thanks for following me! The more support I have, the more I am urged to keep going!

I did a shoot for a group of 9 graduates today, They are beautiful! This was the first time I got to really use my new lens, I freakin love it!!

Meet Emma!  My beautiful, but crazy niece!

Yesterday was my grandmothers 85th birthday! So, tonight we went out and had a big dinner celebration with all the family. It was great!  And I had the perfect 365 shot in mind.. isn’t it perfect! :)

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