Empixx 365

I’m working on some new business cards, and ads for my new website (going live by the end of May!) using a gorgeous photo from a shoot last weekend …with a nice relaxing beverage 🙂


Went on a bit of a shopping spree today with my baby sister…here’s me assessing the damage.. kinda gave me a headache.. wo0ps!  Don’t regret a thing though!

This is the start of a long weekend, and this felt like a good way to spend the first day of it! Hopefully those glowing white legs will get a little color by the end of it!

I got a new ring last night at my Lia Sophia party! See how happy I am about it in my reflection!!  haha!

Tied a ribbon around my finger to remind me to take my daily picture!

My special lollipop I got from the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas.. Pina Colada flavor! SO GOOD!

One of my favorite mentors, who I’ve had the pleasure of learning from twice now, is having a really cool giveaway.  So I just have to share this awesome giveaway about the free all expenses paid, 2 day in-person workshop + free 50mm 1.4 lens from Crave Photography! Check it out here:


Laundry day! Every laundry day, and every load, my Frenchie, Oakley, races to the washer (front loader) and just has to help pull the wet laundry out of the machine. We don’t know why, she’s been this way for most of her 3 years of life!  It’s like an obsession to her, it’s really funny.. so here’s a view from inside the washer for ya.. enjoy!

Today we celebrated my nephew’s 4th birthday party!  I had the pleasure of making and decorating his cake for him.  Ghostbusters is his favorite thing in the world right now, so that’s what I gave him! His reaction when he saw it was exactly as I’d hoped! Happy birthday little Ryan!

Went out today to shoot a couple of 2012 graduates.  I decided to do a picture while I waited..  This is cool but the grads look so much better!

et cetera