Empixx 365

hmm, sitting in this spot would make some unfortunate tan lines…


Just Assembled the new conversation set for the hot tub deck, and now time to relax on it! Seems someone found it just as comfortable as I did!

Rules shmules.. I’ll park where I want!

I Love the spring trees!Ā Ā  …even when they belong to the neighbors, who hopefully don’t think setting up my camera on the street aimed at their yard was too creepy! šŸ™‚

The railroads are pretty lonely these days.. so I thought I’d go keep one company šŸ™‚


“Je t’aime” – a new, simple, but instant favorite necklace just got added to my collection šŸ™‚

I like this fortune! Should I show my husband, or wait n see if it happens!


So I’m an “at home” workout bum.. I Just started this new workout program last week… Insanity.. I’m sure some of you have heard of it…. the title is very suiting.. it’s insane! But I love it!! Kicks my butt!Ā  This is me right after my 42 minute plyometric cardio circuit.Ā  BEAT, but it feels awesome!! haha!!

Pretty simple shot today, but lots of fiddling around in photoshop.. I think IĀ  like how it turned out šŸ™‚




Me n Oakley, gearing up for a game of ball… doesn’t usually last long though, but still fun!

et cetera