Empixx 365

{April 10, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 92

Viva la Mexico!! I’m standing under the mexican flag at the california/mexico border crossing.. It was cool there 🙂

{April 9, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 91

Swimming in the pool at the resort back in Yuma.. brought my underwater camera with me, so I had some fun!

{April 8, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 90

Spent some time on Pacific Beach in San Diego.. Took this under the pier.. it has a comforting feel to it..

{April 7, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 89

I had my husband act as my tripod for this shot, and I had the remote in my hand! He’s such a good sport!  This is a shot from the San Diego Zoo at the elephant exhibit!  AMazing!

{April 6, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 88

Spending a couple nights in Yuma Arizona, the  in-laws have a place there.. we went on a tour of the city, and found these old railroad tracks..

{April 5, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 87

While in Vegas, why not visit the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop!  My husband and I love that show, so I set up the tripod and made people wait  so I could snap this one!  It was too awesome to be there, but of course, none of the guys were there.. still really sweet though!

{April 5, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 86

Sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon… Couldn’t stay too long though.. very very steep!!

{April 3, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 85

Day 85 – Hanging out with the Beatles on the wall in the hotel 🙂

{April 2, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 84

got to Vegas, and checked into our hotel, and got an upgrade!  Here is the view from our room window!

{April 1, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 83

Day 83.  First overnight stop on the way to vegas… was soooo tired, and this bed was so comfortable!

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