Empixx 365

{April 20, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 102

Spring has sprung!  This little guy was in my house today!


{April 19, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 101

So after 100 days, I realized I never revealed my real name to my new friends on the challenge forum. So this is how I did it.. it’s my work name tag lol!!

Hello, my name is:

{April 18, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 100

You know, I’m finding one thing that I don’t like about this challenge.. It’s making me realize how quickly days really do go by. I can’t believe I’m at day 100 already!  Here’s a quick recap of the past 99 days 🙂

{April 17, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 99

Good thing I carry a camera with me at all times.. Took this while waiting for a really long train delay on my way home!

{April 16, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 98

This is me, practicing my stalker skills.. haha… just kidding friends  🙂

{April 15, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 97

Our next bike will be a Harley built for two 😉

{April 14, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 96

Well, day 96 is a sad one… I’ve decided to sell my fun… but I don’t see why I should hang onto something I just know I won’t ride that often! Keeping the jacket and helmet and gloves though…just in case!!  Had to get a picture on it though!

{April 13, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 95

Decided to try something new.. I call it Infinity!

{April 12, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 94

PHEW!!!  Almost missed my flight!  hahahaa… ;D

I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing at this one…. got my carry on and everything!  I’m in a good mood tonight! hahah

{April 11, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 93

Well, the holiday is over, but here is my map of my travels!  Montana is the only one missing.. It was first.. then Idaho, then Utah, then Nevada, then California, then Arizona, Mexico, and even a brief stop in Colorado!  I also got a Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and Pawn Stars keychain.. those aren’t pictured.. but should be, GEEZ!!!  oh well.

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