Empixx 365

{March 6, 2012}   365 Day Challenge – Day 57

I had a different picture lined up for today, but then we got this wicked snow storm. We went from having almost no snow on the ground, to 15cm overnight, and it’s still coming down!  I took these with my ipod on my commute to work this morning.. a commute that usually only takes 7-8 minutes, but took me about 85 minutes instead.. thought it would be fun to share :)  It is why I’m so jealous of all of you who post nice spring pictures, or green grass.. I miss that so much!
These aren’t the best, I couldn’t even use photoshop to make them better beacuse I was at work, but the first picture is the slow to no-moving traffic. The second is my speedometer.. I’m going 5km/hour if I’m lucky.. supposed to be going 90km/hr.  The third picture shows how visibility is gone when the wind was blowing.. and was it ever blowing – the lineup of cars in the first picture, are still there in the 3rd picture haha!!  WHy didn’t I stay home today? I do not know…but my left leg got quite the workout on the clutch lol!  yay winter….


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