Empixx 365

{August 30, 2011}   Well, this is it…

My name is Erin. I’m a 34 year-old woman from Saskatoon, SK.  I am a city employee full time, but my passion is my photography.

I got my first film camera for Christmas when I was in elementary school, grade 5 maybe? or 7?  I don’t know…Anyway, it was the greatest thing I owned, until my wonderful little brother threw my backpack down the stairs in anger, and it broke, since it just happened to be in the bag. I was devastated.  I bought another camera with my babysitting money, but it wasn’t the same!

I had a few film camera’s in my lifetime after that first one, until I met Nathan…my to-be husband. In 2002, or 2003 maybe, he bought me my first 3.1 MP Kodak point-and-shoot digital camera. Almost cost him $800!  What an amazing piece that was. I loved it. I did my very first photo shoot with it…of Lauri and Garth!! Oh what an amazing thing, with its HUGE 64 MB compact flash card, I could take hundreds of pictures, and delete whatever I didn’t like! And did it ever look amazing in print…

ha….poor little thing, it died on me a few years later, couldn’t handle the pressure I guess. So my lovely husband bought me a new one for another Christmas gift. this one was much better, a Canon point-and-shoot. My first Canon. I used it for a year or so, but I wanted to get into something more professional looking. I was practicing photo shoots with friends with that little thing but it just wasn’t cutting it. So in 2005 I bought my very first SLR. The Canon Digital Rebel. Sure it wasn’t a big huge fancy professional camera, but I was learning, and it was what I could afford.  Sold that baby a year and a half later and bought the next Canon Rebel model to come out. A year after that I upgraded again, but felt ready for something more professional. So I bought the Canon 40D.  But in 2010, I had the money saved up, and wanted something big. I bought the Canon 5D Mark II with an amazing lens. It was hard to spend that amount of money, but I did it and it was worth every penny!

So that’s where I’m at now. Under the name Empixx Photography (EM for me, Erin McFarland, and pixx because all my images are made up of pixels – I know, pretty creative), I’m doing professional wedding photography, families, couples, kids, pets… the occassional local sports teams even in Saskatoon & Area. Usually during my spare time, I still work full time with the City, I’m happy there, but I’m happy taking pictures for families too.

So who knows where this road will take me in the future. Hopefully somewhere where I can make people smile for years because of the memories I captured for them!

Say Cheese!



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